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US Trademark Alert: USPTO Implements New Shortened Period For Reply To Office Actions

The US Patent and Trademark Office will set shortened periods for reply to Office actions issued in trademark applications examination. Trademark applicants will have three months to reply to Office Actions issued in examination on or after December 3, 2022. Currently, the period for reply to an Office Action is six months. This period is not extendible. The new, shortened three-month reply period is extendible by a single three-month extension for an additional $125 government fee.

Changes to the reply period for post-registration Office Actions go into effect October 7, 2023. These changes do not apply to Madrid Protocol section 66(a) applications.

The USPTO outlines these changes and provides a copy of the Final Rule at the link below. If you have questions or need to work with a trademark attorney, contact our team of experts in trademark protection and enforcement.

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